Automatic online backup

While the necessity of data protection is no longer an issue for most PC users, the choice of methods and techniques is something one has to seriously think over before making a critical decision. There are at least two things to consider: where to back up, and how to back up. A perfect solution to both questions is automatic online backup.

Automatic online backup is the process of transferring your backup data to remote storage platforms via Internet automatically on a schedule with the number of useful options. So what are the benefits of automatic online backup?

Automatic backup execution

As a user you don't have to always keep it in mind just when you need to launch a backup task. The whole process of copying and transferring your data to a remote server is automated. The minimum time interval between offsite backups is just one minute!

Flexible backup scheduler

The flexible task scheduler allows performing automatic online backups at any time of day, week, and month. Missed scheduled are always made up for automatically. If the computer was turned off at the time of scheduled backup, the backup will automatically launch as soon as you turn your computer on.

Automatic notification system

Once you run out of storage space, our remote backup service will send you a message asking you to expand your storage account. You can also be notified on other events of automatic online backup.

With the automatic online backup service, you may totally forget about the whole issue of data protection and devote yourself to family, work, and friends! Whether you are a home user or a serious business organization, you will surely benefit from the use of automatic online backup.

You can try automatic online backup for free with our remote backup service and perform automatic online backups to our remote backup server with a 100MB free online account.

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