Backup service - benefits of using

This article is devoted to online backup service - the best variant of backing up your important data. We all know what a disastrous event a data loss is. Hardware and software failures can destroy everything from project materials to your family videos. Antivirus and firewall can often prevent such kind of events but they can't do anything if your data is lost.

There is a lot of local storage media available, but it can be lost, destroyed and it usually doesn't let you set up fully automatic backup process, which is always the safest method. You also can subscribe to a usual hosting and store your backup data there, but it doesn't offer so much features as backup service does, and their servers, unlike the ones for online backup services, were not specially designed for backup purposes. Let's review the main features and benefits that are brought by the use of Online Backup Service by Novosoft LLC:

  • Free backup program - if you subscribe, you will get a free license for Handy Backup - one of the best backup programs on the market that allows to back up everything automatically
  • Technical support - you will be able to ask any questions about using backup service and Handy Backup.
  • Professionally protected servers.
  • Data protection - your data will be secured by advanced encryption algorithms.
  • No limit for storage capacity.
  • Global data access.

We can easily see that online backup service has many things to offer an average customer. Service by Novosoft LLC charges $2/GB per month which is quite an affordable backup price when it comes to the question of data safety.

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