5 Top Tips on How to Buy Online Backup

Online backup business is on its rise, and once you've finally decided to buy online backup service either for your personal data of for remote business backups, you will be choosing between at least a couple of dozens of backup services. We assume that you already know the importance of protecting your data with a secure online storage service, and that you're already thinking of purchasing an online backup solution. So let us provide you with some extra tips before you plunge into this exciting world of remote backup.

Security. Well, what is more important than that? This the main reason why you've got into evaluating an online backup option in the first place. It is very important to make certain the service you're pondering complies to all industry standards of security. This includes getting to know where exactly your data is going to be stored. Is their data center located in an underground shelter or in a next-door neighbor's basement? Do they have any sort of auto precaution surveillance system to deal with fire, flood or other accidents? Does this remote backup service provide data encryption during its transferring or only on-site? These questions need to be answered before going any further.

Online backup prices. The next comes naturally the price, for there is not only a wide choice of web based backup services, but a good choice for remote backup pricing as well. The general tendency on the market is to keep backup price for a basic online backup plan below $10 per month. This largely depends on the volumes of data you are planning to backup. You should also note that some remote service providers will charge you for restoring data as well.

Web access. The option of managing backups through a web browser from anywhere in the world may prove useful a great deal in numerous cases. If the service provides this functionality, you may be sure you have the most control over your backed up data.

Support of different OS. It may happen that you choose to move to a different operating system and consequently relocate some of your data like photos or home movies. Would the service for remote backup you're considering allow for this? It's a good thing if they feature web access - in this case most of your data can be easily moved across different OS.

Free trial. Online backup service must provide you with a free trial, because you never know how it works before you try yourself to backup and restore. Buying a cat in a sack is a bad habit indeed. If the service works as advertised and you are contented with its backup prices, then it is high time to buy online backup.

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