Handy Backup Online - Cutting-edge Online Backup Service

Handy Backup is one of the leading backup software solutions on the online backup software market. It goes without saying that a decent backup solution should be able to schedule automatic backups, provide data encryption, and also use all kinds of media as storage for backed up data. Still, with all the "cloud" buzz lately in the news and the intention to put data online, only few online backup software titles offer full-featured online backups.

This is exactly why Handy Backup stands out so prominently among all the rest of the available online backup software. Handy Backup Online is a special service that provides secure online data backups to Handy Backup users. The key advantages of Handy Backup Online are its user-friendliness and exceptionally moderate and flexible data plans pricing.

Handy Backup Online doesn't require all users of Handy Backup to immediately purchase a proper data plan. Rather all users of Handy Backup automatically receive the benefit of signing up for a free 5Gb account for managing their online backups. This functionality is very smoothly implemented in Handy Backup and provides seamless remote data backing up.

If you are all new to online backup software, you will be very surprised to find out how easy it is to backup your digital info online, to a remote and safe server, accessible 24/7. Handy Backup Online is such a fine service that requires minimum attention from its users. They only need to set up Handy Backup once, choose the appropriate scheduling and backups will be created and automatically sent to the server.

Actually, online backing up is in such high demand nowadays that the service has been made publicly available to everybody rather than solely to users of Handy Backup. Online data backing up is provided for free during a full-featured online backup trial. Users can sign up for a free 5Gb account and discover its features during ten days. Not only this, they will also receive a free copy of Handy Backup that knows exactly how to best manage online backups.

Handy Backup Online provides outstanding online backing up options. User's data is kept secure in a military standard underground shelter with several security levels, including closed-circuit video surveillance and biometric identification. This data center is powered by a San Diego's military power grid, which ensures its functioning at all times.

Handy Backup Online also protects stored data with a 128-bit blowfish encryption algorithm that narrows down unauthorized access to zero. The data is encrypted not only for storage but during transfer as well. It is the highest level of protection available today on the Internet to perform secure online backups.

There are different data plans in Handy Backup Online service ranging from moderate from $2.55 of monthly payment for 5Gb of online disk space to $1077.30 for the whole 250Gb of disk space that exceeds practically any enterprise level backup requirements. This makes Handy Backup Online accessible not only for personal home use but for corporate enterprise level users too.

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