Internet Backup Service

Similar to antivirus protection, backup is a mandatory task for home users who want to keep their data secure. The most up-to-date method of backup is remote backup because it provides the best protection of all user data with maximum security and speed.

The most advanced form of remote backup is backup via Internet. This means that instead of recording your backup data to disks and other storage media, which can be lost or become corrupted, you can register an online account and purchase special Internet backup Service.

This allows you to create an Internet backup system that will not only back up your data, but also transfer all your precious data files such as music, videos, photos, games, program distributives and other important stuff from your PC to our remote data center, where they will be taken care of by our highly qualified personnel 24/7/365.

So how does this Internet backup service protect your PC? As soon as you have downloaded our Internet backup software and purchased an Internet backup plan with the storage capacity that you require, which starts with 500 MB and can be further extended at any time by your request, you can begin performing Internet backups on an everyday basis. With the Internet backup Service, you don’t have to buy any mass storage devices, and you will never run out of storage space.

Our Internet Backup software allows performing automated backup on the most flexible schedule with very useful features such as data compression which allows you to save up money on storage space, and data encryption which makes sure no third party will get access to your personal info during storage and transfer.

To make use of these and other benefits of Internet backup, you only need to sign up for our Internet Backup Service which requires downloading our proprietary Internet backup software and registering an online backup account for storing and viewing your backups online. You can try our Internet backup Service with a free online account of 500 MB and fully functional Internet backup software for 10 days.

So what do you prefer? Buying data recording software and an infinite amount of storage devices which will all fail in the end, or using a simple and inexpensive Internet backup Service which has unlimited storage and will never let you down?

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