Remote Backup via Internet

Remote backup via Internet allows Internet users to save their data to a safe remote location on the Internet. While most users use Internet to browse web pages and save data from the web to their hard drive, Novosoft Remote Backup Service users can do remote backup via Internet, which means they can save their data online to a secure web account designed specifically for data storage and data protection.

The process of remote backup with Novosoft Remote Backup Service is an easy one. To do remote backup, you need to have our proprietary software Handy Backup installed on your computer and a registered online account.

Register trial account at Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC.

Download Remote Backup Software

Both the software and the account can be downloaded from the Web and used for free during the trial period of ten days. After the trial expires, your can purchase the service for a fair price.

Backup is easy and secure with Novosoft Remote Backup Service!

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