Offsite backup services

Offsite data backup suggests that your files and folders are stored on a remote Internet server. Performing regular backups ensures that in case of any disaster your personal or business data will survive. Moreover, offsite backup services provide much higher availability of your files, as you will be able to access them on whatever computer with Internet connection. All you will need is an offsite backup account and offsite backup software to schedule and manage the tasks.

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Offsite backup services are very easy to use and have reasonable prices for both home and business needs. They provide the full range of "common" backup options, such as backup compression, encryption, backup with timestamps, etc. The usage of offsite backup services doesn't require fast and broadband Internet connection: you can perform full backup only once, and then use incremental backup to copy only new and changed files.

Today's offsite backup software not only allows you to backup files remotely, but also fully automates all related processes. You don't have to remember to click any buttons, launch backups or leave the computer working at nights. Once you've created and scheduled a task it will be performed imperceptibly in the background, consuming the minimum of system resources.

Novosoft Remote Backup Service is a complete offsite backup solution suitable for everybody. Whether you want to back up your personal files or business data, our offsite backup service will meet all your requirements. We offer a reliable protection of your important files, so you will be able to recover them whenever you will need and wherever you will be.

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