Online Backup Service for Secure Backup

There is a whole variety of online backup services on the Internet today ranging from free websites for file sharing and file hosting, to professional hosting platforms with unlimited storage. With the multiplicity of online backup services, users may feel confused at what the best online data backup solution should be.

If you want to save your data online easily with the number of useful options, you might want to try our remote backup service. With it, you will be able to save unlimited amounts of critical data online with the option of automatic restoration of data files, if necessary.

You can register Novosoft Remote Backup Service trial free of charge now!


Now let us tell you how to use our online backup service. To start doing online data backups, you need to register for Novosoft Remote Backup Service. Upon registration, you will be offered one of the available online backup plans. Each backup plan includes online storage account with the exact amount of storage capacity that you require.


With the online backup service, your critical data will be stored on our online backup server, which is situated in the underground shelter in San Diego, California.


The data files are uploaded with the help of special backup software which allows:

  • Scheduling uploads
  • Upload compression
  • File encryption
  • File filtering

The entire process of online data backup is automated with the software Handy Backup which is included in the Novosoft Remote Backup Service free of charge, and requires no user participation. This means that all new data that appear on your computer will be uploaded online automatically.

Web access

Another advantage of doing online backup with Novosoft Remote Backup Service is that you get anytime access to your data. You can see your account statistics, including the date of each backup, backup size and total size on server, through web interface accessing your online backup account with any web browser.

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