Online Backup Software VS Antivirus Software

How many times have you lost such important information as e-mails, family photos or sales reports? Sooner or later everybody will find themselves in such a situation, but knowing this is of course of no comfort. Fortunately, there are several types of software specifically designed to help you secure your valuable information. Let's take a look at how two certain types of such software compare against each other: remote backup software and antivirus software.

Online backup software and antivirus software, one may argue, are completely different breeds of software. However, if we look at them from the point of view of data security, online data backup software and antiviruses is quite a competition. They both have preventive nature of handling data safety issues.

As its name suggests online backup software keeps a backup copy of all your data online, in an accordingly equipped place. Most solid solutions consisting of a software package and an online backup plan keep your data in underground shelters with several security levels including biometric identification and the Category 5 compliance.

Offsite backup software also supports automatic backups. All it takes is scheduling your backup procedure - and off you go, there's a safe offsite copy of all your data always accessible.

Antiviruses never create any backup copies of your data, they are not supposed too. In fact they are just staying on guard protecting your files from malicious software. The revelation comes like this: another new virus appears and you forget to update antivirus software. The next thing you know is your music album is infected, e-mails are gone and system slows down drastically.

Now you have to update your antivirus and heal the infected files. As it turns out antiviruses can not heal the files. In most of the cases they just offer you to delete infected files, one really nice option. It means you are destined to lose your valuable information.

Online backup software is a different case. It auto backs up all your data to a server that is offsite. So, it allows you to easily retrieve all data in its latest state: all files will be of latest versions. The only drawback may be the time necessary to download all files back from the server, but the outcome greatly exceeds this minor hindrance.

Yet another area where online back ups outsmarts antiviruses is of course the impact on the system resources. It is very well known how heavy antiviruses are on system resources. In fact this is the reason why people prefer to turn them off altogether from time to time.

This is not the case with remote backup software. This software can run safely in the background not affecting computer performance and using it to the full capacity when it is not occupied by user's tasks. This way it provides a backup copy of important data without slowing down other operations.

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