Remote Backup Business

Remote backup business is now gaining popularity among backup providers - companies that develop and sell backup software and render services associated with data backup. Remote Backup Service of Novosoft LLC is one of the most reliable remote backup businesses on the Web.

To do remote backup business efficiently, a backup provider must have reliable backup software and server space to store backups of their users.

Moreover, the server, which is used for storing online backups, must be carefully protected against human intervention and natural disasters such as fire, flood, hurricane and so on.

Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC is one of the most advanced remote backup businesses. It makes use of the proprietary remote backup software - Handy Backup and a server situated in an underground shelter and protected against severe weather conditions and human intervention. The server is monitored by our skilled professions 24x7 who guarantee that no data loss or data theft will ever happen.

If you are looking for remote backup business that will take care of all your backups, you have just found one!

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