Remote Data Backup

The main topic of this article is remote data backup. Almost every computer user has ever faced a problem of important data loss due to hardware or software failure, due to virus attack or due to physical damage of his or her PC. There is an easy and efficient way to prevent such problems - to make a backup copy of important data. However, many people still start to think about it only when it's too late and there is no method of restoring their files.

One of the most efficient backup methods is remote data backup. If you choose it, your backup data will be stored remotely from the place where it was taken from. The main benefit is clear: your documents, databases, photos and other important files will be safe not only in case of a PC failure, but even in case of serious physical damage of your house or office. There are two ways of taking your backup data away. The first is to manually move a data storage device away by, for example, sending it to your friends with FedEx or driving it away in a car. However, this way has too many disadvantages and we won't stop on it. The second is much more convenient - to use broadband internet access in cooperation with special backup software or remote data backup service.

Many backup software tools have backup to FTP mode, so, if you take this option, you will sign up for hosting or choose a server and then upload your backup data there via the Internet. The costs will consist of backup program price ($30 for Handy Backup by Novosoft LLC) and hosting price. The other option is to use remote backup service that includes free backup software and space on the server, which is professionally protected against everything from hacker attacks to nuclear explosions. Remote backup service by Novosoft LLC costs from $0.35/GB per month, so, an individual user will rarely pay more than $2.55/month. A company will usually need more space, but there is much bigger budget, than in a household. Using both of these remote data backup methods, you will enjoy the benefits of remote backup software. For example, it will only take time to set up the program, and then the backup process won't require your intervention - everything will be done automatically and in-time. All your remote data backups will be logged, your data will be protected with advanced encryption algorithms and you will truly enjoy the easiness of restore process if data loss occurs.

As a user you don't have to always keep it in mind just when you need to launch a backup task. The whole process of copying and transferring your data to a remote server is automated. The minimum time interval between offsite backups is just one minute!

Finally, we can conclude that remote data backup can fulfill the safety requirements of any PC user, whether it's an individual, a small company or a big corporation. As broadband internet access becomes more and more widespread, this service can find consumers from any part of the Globe and guarantee the safety of their information.

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