Remote Storage and Backup

Remote Storage and Backup is a way through which users can effectively back up their data to a web-based account specifically designed for online storage of backups. In comparison with other backup solutions such as backup to disks and hard drives, data backed up to remote storage place cannot be lost, stolen, exposed to natural disasters or disappear as a result of human error.

Each day the storage site is monitored by the qualified professionals who are doing their best in taking care of your data and providing top quality backup service to all of our users worldwide.

No matter what your backup needs are, remote data storage and backup will satisfy them to the utmost. You can back up all types of data including pictures, videos, texts, and documents. After you have done the backup, you can access your account on the web and perform a number of actions on the backup files.

Remote storage and backup with Novosoft Remote Backup Service is a guarantee of your data protection!

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