Secure Offsite Backup

Data protection is of utmost importance for any business and individual, so when the time comes to choose a data security method, it makes sense to use the most advanced tools available such as secure offsite backup. However, if you are not yet sure why you need to use secure offsite backup, you may have to consider the following.

According to Realty Times, a hard drive crashes every 15 seconds, and 1 in 5 computers suffer a fatal hard drive crash during their lifetime. All in all hardware crashes contribute to 44% of data loss. So what would be the consequences for a home user? Well, most likely you will lose your precious documents, videos, music, family photos, games and suchlike.

For a business, a hard drive crash can mean thousands of dollars lost. Secure offsite backup is a perfect way to avoid such a situation for both home users and small organizations. To do secure offsite backup means to back up data online via a secure protocol. Secure offsite backup gives a number of important advantages above those that a regular backup program provides.

More secure transportation

While transferring your backup data to our online server, the SFTP protocol is used so you may rest assured that data loss or interception will never be the case.

More secure storage

Your backup data will be stored in the most secure data center in San Diego, USA, where they will be taken care of by the most qualified personnel while you sleep, eat and work. The data center is located in the underground shelter, which eliminates a natural disaster threat such as flood, fire or hurricane.

Unauthorized access prevention

Secure offsite backup also makes sure that no third party can get access to your backup data. The 128-bit blowfish cipher is used to protect your data from a human threat such as malicious hackers and Internet thieves. So you may not worry about your business information security.

Considering the overwhelming benefits of secure offsite backup, it makes sense to try our secure offsite backup service which provides all the advantages listed above. Once you try it for free, you will never look back!

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