Secure online data backup

The terms secure online data backup describes the process of creating a reserve copy of important information and files and uploading it to the server. The server must be specially designed for such kind of purposes, must be located in a very secure location (for example, underground shelter) and must be professionally protected from any kind of accidents from hacker attacks to floods and earthquakes.

There are lots of reasons to prefer secure online data backup over local backup methods. Burning your backup data to a DVD can save it in case of a computer failure, but the DVD can be easily destroyed physically or can be lost. Using other local storage media like portable HDDs, USB flash drives, etc. also doesn't guarantee data safety as they also can easily be damaged or lost. Secure backup doesn't have such disadvantages - by using it you become completely independent from almost any negative circumstances. The data is stored very far away from your computer and there are actually no methods of destroying it. The whole process is organized by professionals who calculated all the possible nuances that could cause data damage or loss.

As secured online backup requires the job of many educated and qualified people, the service can't be free. This Online data backup service of Novosoft LLC will cost you from $0.35/GB per month. Around 5GB of backup space can fulfill the needs of most of the individual users. The price also includes the use of advanced, but very user-friendly backup program - Handy Backup. So, by spending $2.55 a month you will set up automatic backup process and will let the professionals care about the safety of your backup data. Not a big price in comparison to the price of data recovery or to the consequences of data loss.

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