Web-based backup

Web-based backup suggests that instead of using "common" storage media, such as a hard drive or a DVD disk, a user exploits offsite data storage and backs up his files to a remote Internet server. Today's remote storage and backup services deliver a secure and reliable way to protect data for both home and business computer users.

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The concept of Web data backup is quite rational. If your files are stored on a remote server, the risk of their loss or corruption due to fire, theft or other disaster is reduced to zero. Web-based backup eliminates the need for storage hardware and provides the highest level of availability of your data: as backup software that is needed for Web backup can be easily downloaded at any time, all you need to access your files is to know login and password of your Web backup account.

A commonly encountered myth about Web-based backup is that it requires a broadband Internet access and can't be used to perform regular backups of large amounts of data. This myth is successfully dispelled with incremental backup - copying of only new and changed pieces of files through prior comparing them to files already stored on the Web backup account. Incremental backup not only provides an effective way to use relatively poor Internet connection for Web-based backup, but also allows restoring several versions of files if needed.

Remote backup servers used for Web-based backup are located in secured underground shelters and deliver the maximum protection from any natural disaster. Qualified personnel perform continuous monitoring of server operation, eliminating any chance of data loss.

Web-based backup is an efficient way to protect your personal and business files without using any specific storage media. Even if your data will accidentally get deleted or corrupted, you will be able to perform immediate recovery by retrieving them from your Web backup account.

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