Auto Image Backup to Remote Server

Image backup program isn't the thing many of PC people are inspired with until it's too late, when working files and folders, business information, music or photos are demolished with small or no opportunity of recovery. Don't take the risk of losing the data and memories that make sense the most to you, save your computer now with Handy Backup.

Handy Backup features:

  • Total Computer Security. Handy Backup software is a powerful disaster recovery utility that brings whole security for your computer. Backup your total computer consists of Windows OS, files, applications, photos, movies, audio, enterprise documents, and important memories - All Securely!
  • Real-Time HDD Image Backup. Providing different HD imaging approaches, Handy Backup software might back up any file system you apply. For Windows OS partitions you can do complete operating system image backup with no need to restart OS or stop any application.
  • Recover from Infections and Hard Disk Drive Failure. Handy Backup solution protects your PC after just one click and assists you recover from viruses and infections, non-permanent software downloads and broken disks.
  • Restore Disk. You can make bootable Usb drive to restore image backup from USB, FireWire and other external, remote or network drives.
  • Backup Planner. No demand to memorize to start backups on a standard base. Handy Backup software will automatically save all documents for you.

The coolest part, in contrast common backup software, you will never have do an installation of software or Windows OS once more. Create an exact copy of your hard disk and recover it from any major crash quickly, or just back up necessary documents and restore them even quicker!

Novosoft professional backup solution delivers all you wish to sleep quietly at night, knowing all of your files is secure and can be handy recovered at anytime.

Creating Image Backup

Handy Backup software provides a rapid and easy method to perform an image backup of the full hard disk, or any chosen partition, and supports all types of local and external hard disk drives (such as USB and FireWire drives). As long as hard disk based method to backups delivers the most effective file safety against Windows crashes, hardware failures, and various mistakes, it is highly suggested for both home and corporate computer users.

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