Standard Mode vs. Expert Mode

Remote Backup Software - Handy Backup allows you to choose between the two backup modes - Standard mode backup and Expert mode backup.

The Standard Mode backup is generally easier to operate with. It won't take much effort or thought on your part to tune your backup with the help of Standard mode.

The backup in Standard Mode is adjusted in several simple steps with the minimum amount of settings specified. See the manual for information on how to backup in Standard Mode.

Expert Mode Backup is for more experienced users and allows adjusting several additional settings of the backup task to make it even more efficient and user-oriented. It may seem a bit complex and requires deeper knowledge of the subject; however you may find it useful to back up in Expert mode as it allows more specific adjustment of the backup task. For example, in Expert Mode you may include or exclude file masks. If you need more information on how Standard mode is different from the Expert mode, you can find it in the User's manual.

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