Run as a Windows Service

All operations of the Novosoft Remote Backup Service run invisibly in the background not disturbing the performance of other applications. Moreover, you don't need to be logged in to execute a task/s. Instead, you schedule your tasks for automatic execution as Windows Service and your part of the job is done. Handy Backup will take care of all scheduled tasks for you! It will backup, synchronize and restore data automatically without your supervision, which significantly simplifies the backup job. In addition, running tasks as Windows Service allows multiple users to back up their data on the same computer.

Your backup, restoration, and synchronization tasks will be executed automatically according to the schedule even when the computer is being used by another user. All you need to do is to set up the Service protected by your password, and the performance of your tasks will not be disturbed by other users who may also use the backup application to back up their data. This can be extremely useful for companies whose employees need to do the backup of large amounts of data on a regular basis with a tight backup schedule. The feature allows several users to run backup tasks simultaneously on the same computer.

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