Backup T-Mobile G1 Android Phone

Earlier we already announced that our remote backup software, Handy Backup, had a function that allowed users to back up T-Mobile G1 phone data (also knows as the Google or Android phone) to a secure online storage provided by Novosoft Remote Backup Service. Generally, the service backs up information to a data center that is protected against any natural disasters or human errors, which lets you back up mobile G1 phones at the highest level of security and quality.

Today we are happy to announce the release of a standalone backup tool for your T-Mobile G1 and other Android-driven smartphones and mobile devices!

Very soon we'll restore the utility's ability to back up T-Mobile G1 to PC and also add to it support for backing up directly to Novosoft Remote Backup Service! This will let you secure your information and enjoy global access to the backed up data. You will be able to restore backed up G1 contacts later from anywhere in the world through Internet. At the same time there will be an option to protect all information with 128-bit encryption algorithms widely employed in online banking.

In addition to backing up to our online backup storage and support for backing up to PC through the use of the desktop backup utility (the way it worked in the first version), you will be able to back up your G1 data to any FTP location of your choice.

At the moment, we welcome you to:

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