Buffalo Hard Disk Drive Data Backup

Handy Backup by Novosoft is a strong tool offering image data making for Buffalo hard drive backup goals. An HD image file has the identical, byte-by-byte duplicate of a disk, partition or logical disk and can be managed with several compression grades on the fly without turning off Windows system and therefore without dismissing your work. These hard drive image data may then be kept in a diversity of locations, containing several removable media such as CD-R(W), DVD, Jazz disks, etc.

Handy Backup retrieves the images on Buffalo hard drives, on any other logical disks or even on a disk free location on the fly. To retrieve system and other blocked partitions our program is shifted to the tool which is started from USB drive.

Handy Backup tool functions:

  • System data compression. System data can be compressed to hold free storage media location.
  • Portable media solution. System data may be saved on portable media.
  • Multiple partition making. Files from a hard disk drive image can be retrieved on a free (unpartitioned) space on any part on a HD.
  • System data check. You can verify if your image data are satisfying before you save them or recover files from them.
  • Activity Results. When hard disk image is successfully developed or the process goes wrong the results may be directly forwarded over e-mail or an external program may be set up.

Trying Handy Backup by Novosoft, you may entirely and securely retrieve your Windows system after cruel file loss cause by a computer system error, virus infection or computer crash. You may also set up Handy Backup software for time-saving Windows distribution when you wish to have many equal workstations.

It is strongly advised that the Windows partition that is saved remains the same during the operation. If you or your Windows changes files of the disk while Handy Backup program attempts to back it up, then the transaction might fall. The right choice is when you boot from another HD or disk partition and create image of the primary system hard disk drive to the backup project.

Handy Backup Professional is a perfect Buffalo hard drive backup and disaster retrieval programs to prevent losing your important data after an awful Windows system error.

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