Home and Business Remote Backup Service

Who is an average user of Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC?

Our customers include both home and office users who may all have different backup needs. Home users need to backup personal files at home, while office users need to backup important business data at work. Still they all have one thing in common - regardless of their occupation and status, they all benefit from using our remote backup service because our online backup solution is flexible enough to satisfy the needs of different computer user categories, no matter what their level of computer knowledge is. With Novosoft Remote Backup Service you will be able to perform both home and business remote backups quickly and hassle free.

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For business we offer a business remote backup service which is sure to save time and money:

  • Your information will be securely protected and you won't have to buy utilities that slow down your computer performance.
  • No need to buy additional software or hardware for backup - if you purchase our remote backup service you will get free remote backup software.
  • You'll have the collaborative and mobile access to the stored information, which is very helpful if you work in a remote office.
  • You'll have needed volume of storage space on remote server to backup your data.

Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC will relieve you of anxiety about the information protection while performing your business remote backup.

For home users we offer a simple but powerful online backup service which brings with it the following benefits:

  • Hacking attempts, hard drive crashes, virus attacks, accidental data loss, lightning strikes and even a computer theft are no longer an issue of worry.
  • The compression of stored information will give you an opportunity to economize storage space and save money this way.
  • No need to change a tape, CD, or DVD to do the backup!

No matter what your backup needs are, you have a splendid opportunity to secure yourself a useful and profitable backup plan offered by Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC to do your home and business remote backups.