Restoration of data

Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC offers a simple and flexible way to restore backed up files.

You can restore files backed up with the help of Novosoft Remote Backup Service at all times. The restoration means that you can restore the files you backed up to our remote backup server from the reserve copies which are stored in your account. The restoration is implemented with the help of Handy Backup software. Handy Backup software offers a simple, step-by-step wizard-based interface to restore your files from the reserve copies you made, if those original files become inaccessible to you for some reason.

It is very easy to restore with the help of Remote Backup Service. To start restoration, you need to set up a restore task. In this task, you should specify which backup task was responsible for creating backup copies of your files. Then you should specify the location where you would like those backed up files to be restored.

You can perform a full restore of all backed up files or incremental restore. Full restore will perform an overall restoration of all backed up files. If you specify the same directory as the original, it will overwrite all original files which have the same names. Incremental restore means that only the file copies that have been changed since the last backup will be restored.

Other advantages of using online data backup offered by Novosoft LLC.

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