DB2 online backup

DB2 is one of the most effective Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) worldwide and used through all the industry from small business to aerospace. DB2 online backup is necessary for secure and safe work of your business data processing.

DB2 database backup includes rich feature set:

  • Selective DB2 online backup – you can backup all database tables from the selected DB2 database or selected ones only
  • Flexible scheduler – to set up backup plan once and forget about routine.
  • Wide access rights – using ODBC interface you can perform DB2 database online backup on remote machine even without administrator’s rights

Compare DB2 online backup with other DBMS database online backup solutions provided by Remote Backup Service. Also we offer multi-level ZIP compression for minimization of the storage place, encryption of DB2 online backup with an unbreakable 128-bit algorithm and email notifications to stay informed about the whole backup process.

To try it register trial account and then download online backup software.

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