Microsoft Exchange Server Offsite Backup

Remote Exchange backup helps to perform backup and recovery of the whole pack of contacts, mailboxes, calendars and attachments via network.

MS Exchange Backup Needs

Microsoft Exchange is a server-based email communication management system which allows fulfilling messaging and collaboration enterprise needs. Spam and virus protection are the two MS Exchange built-in handy options. Exchange server backup is widely recognized an efficient and popular ritual to gain email security and result in a chance to recover MS Exchange servers after a data loss incident.

Due to the platform popularity, Exchange backup is provided by numerous developers worldwide. The competition drives standards up, and nowadays an efficient backup solution is about

  • Remote Exchange backup (when the data is copied in a network);
  • Online Exchange backup (when no server interruption is required for the data to be copied).

Remote Exchange Backup

Remote Exchange backup is oriented towards accessing data on computers in a network for the means of safe-copying. Despite the fact that Exchange is naturally about a network, there are few software solutions to deliver the feature. Say, Windows Server Backup and NTBackup won’t help you much here (since they strongly rely on Volume Shadow Copy plug-in dealing only with local backups).

There are tricks which might help to remotely access Exchange data in a network, but a fully-functional remote Exchange backup kind of software is highly preferable to get advantage of image-based backup functionality.

Online Exchange Backup

This option, also known as Exchange server hot backup, is all about saving time. Since the software you use to defeat mail data loss features online server processing, there is a chance to back up without stopping the service. Note that in most cases the recovery still needs interrupting server operation for the databases to be updated correctly.

One of the best choices to provide remote Exchange backups with respective security is offsite Exchange backup. The option supposes the backup data to be safely stored in a remote storage, which helps to overcome such bad karma of local storage as hardware failure, natural disasters, and human factor.

One of the best choices regarding the offsite Exchange backup security in its turns is storing data on remote servers of a datacenter run by professional engineers. Which exactly what the RemoteDataBackup service provides!


A) A remote Exchange backup solution should better have those listed above features.

B) Both of them (and tons of those not appearing for this time, like the ultimate support of Exchange 2010, 2007, and 2003 backup) are accessible in the Handy Backup software, an award-winning online backup solution.

C, the best part) You get the software for free as soon as you have a paid RemoteDataBackup account*.

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*: there might be extra costs, like paying for more new workstations in the backup network. For details of remote Exchange backup, feel welcome to contact

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