External Hard Disk Mirror Backup Utility

Mirror backup tool isn't something many of PC users excited until it's too late, when critical files and folders, business info, video or images are kelled with small or no chance of recovery. Don't get the risk of losing the files and memories that make sense the most to you, secure your PC data now with Handy Backup software.

Handy Backup Professional features:

  • Entire PC Security. Handy Backup is a cutting-edge disaster restore program that delivers full safety for your PC. Save your full computer consists of Windows OS, files, programs, images, videos, audio, corporate documents, and important memories - All Automatically!
  • Real-Time HDD Mirror Backup. Using diverse hard drive imaging ways, Handy Backup Professional able back up any operating system you apply. For Windows OS partitions you can perform complete operating system mirror backup with no requirement to shut down operating system or stop any software.
  • HD Cloning. You may handy duplicate your first hard drive to deploy a new one, eliminating tiresome and time eating Windows OS and application installation and settings. Basic hard drive partitioning features included in Handy Backup allow you to join a second hard disk drive and prepare it for operation.
  • File Restore. Handy Backup creates quick and simply file recovery in minutes. Should your hard disk drive fail or an operating system error appear, you can restore your whole computer fast and easily. In event of an unbootable operating system, Handy Backup provides a powerful recovery USB drive. You may also create custom-made bootable retrieval media containing mirror backup.
  • Differential Backup. Handy Backup software allows creating mirror backup only with changes done since first operating system backup, therefore reducing the volume of the further mirror backup. Differential and incremental backup along with a built-in scheduler provides to you a reliable auto disk backup software solution.

The most awesome detail, unlike common backup tool, you will never should do a re-installation of applications or Windows once more. Do an identical copy of your hard drive and recover it from any major error in minutes, or just copy necessary documents and recover them even quicker!

Our innovative software product provides all you need to rest well at night, remembering all of your data is safe and can be handy restored at anytime.

Creating Mirror Backup

Handy Backup software offers a quick and simple way to create a mirror backup of the full hard disk, or each selected partition, and supports all kind of local and network hard disk drives (such as USB and FireWire drives). Because disk based approach to backups delivers the most effective data protection against OS crashes, device damages, and various mistakes, it is extremely confirmed for both home and small business users.

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