Backup of Files

Standard Mode Backup

2. Adding data for backup

The following steps are to be completed while adding data to the Backup Set:

Adding Folders to Backup Set

In the New Task Wizard Step 2 Dialog Window click the Add Files button. A drop-down menu will appear containing a list of files to be added for backup. You can select Files or Folders. If you click Folder, the Browse for Folder dialog will appear. To see the contents of each Folder, click the "plus" next to it. You can select the whole Drive to be backed up. Repeat this step to add another folder.

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Adding Files to Backup Set

If you click Files in the Add Files drop-down menu, Select File dialog will appear.

Select the files you would like to back up and click Open. To add more files repeat this step.

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Adding FTP Files

You can also add files stored on an FTP Server. In the Add Files drop-down menu select FTP files. The FTP Settings dialog will appear.

Fill in the fields Host, User, Password, and Location. Click Proxy: to define your proxy Server settings.
The Proxy Server Settings dialog will appear.

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Managing Data Within the Backup Set

After you have added some Files and/or Folders to the Backup Set, you may want to remove some/all of them from the Backup Set. If you wish to do so, use the Remove button. To see the contents of files or folders, click the "plus" next to them. The Remove function is only applicable to root Files and Folders. To remove subfolders and non-root files, use the Exclude from Backup Set function.

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Excluding Data from Backup Set

To exclude subfolders and non-root files from the Backup Set, remove the checkmarks next to them. All files and folders are checked by default. To exclude root Files and Folders, use the Remove function.

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