Restoring of Files

Advanced Restore Settings

In the fourth step of creating restore task with the New Task Wizard you need to select type of restoration.

Full Restore - full restore means that all files will be restored to the specified destination, whether they have been changed or not. If the destination is the same as the original, and the restored files have the same name, they will be overwritten.

Incremental Restore - incremental restore means that only the files that have been changed since the last backup will be restored.

Check Delete all files in the destination except those being restored, if don't want to have any other files in the destination folder.

When finished, click Next.

Enter Password for Decryption

In this step you will have to enter password to decrypt backed up files. If you haven't set encryption during the creation of the backup task, this step will be missed. Enter the password, and then click Next.

Note: The application doesn't check if the password is correct at this stage. The password will be used during the task execution only. If it is wrong, the execution will fail, what will be displayed in the Task View window.

Schedule Restore Task

Scheduling restore tasks is performed similar to scheduling backups in Expert mode. For more details, please refer to Scheduling (Expert mode).

Finalizing Restore Task

In the last step of the New Task Wizard you need to name your task.

  1. Enter a unique task name in the text field.
  2. Check the properties of the newly created task in the box below the name field. If one or more settings are incorrect, click Back to return to previous steps and change the needed parameters. If the task is not intended to be performed right after the creation, you can modify its properties later. To learn more about modifying task, please read Task Properties
  3. Check Execute this task immediately if you want to run the created task straight away after the completion. If the checkbox is not checked, the task will be executed on schedule specified in the previous step, or can be executed on demand.
  4. Click Finish.
The newly created task will appear in the Task View window.

We hope you enjoy Novosoft Remote Backup Service!

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