Backup of Files

Expert Mode Backup

4. Adjusting Backup Settings

Backup Type

1. Full Backup (the same as in Standard Mode)
2. Incremental Backup (the same as in Standard Mode

Delete all files in the destination except those that are currently backed up (Expert Mode only)
Check this box to delete files in the Destination irrelevant to the current Backup Session.

The next check box in this window is Store backups with timestamps. Timestamps allow keeping record of such information as when the backup copy was created. If you check this box two more features become available:

Timestamp Format Settings

Click this button to adjust Timestamps settings.

In the Timestamp Format Settings window you can define the Accuracy of the Timestamp up to a minute, and the Timestamp format i.e. the way the date is displayed.

In addition, you can specify what to do with the older backup copies i.e. keep them all, leave only certain number of latest copies or keep old ones for a period of time.

File Specific Settings

In this window you can specify what type of files you want to skip while performing backup. Also you can exclude addressing to files from other applications during the backup process.

Selecting Backup Destination            Compression and Encryption

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