Backup of Files

Managing Created Task

Task Properties

If you click Properties in the drop-down menu, or double-click the Task with the left mouse button, you can view and change the settings of the selected Task.

Here is what Backup Task Properties window looks like.

The idea is that you can change any of the Task Properties that you defined during the task creation and you don't have to do it step be step. Just click on the tab that allows changing specific settings of the Task and feel free to change anything you want. The tabs correspond to the steps of Task creation.

Name - allows changing the Task name.

Backup Set - allows adding or deleting files from the Backup Set. For details, see Adding Data for Backup (Expert Mode).

Storage - allows changing data storage location. For details, see Selecting Backup Destination (Expert Mode).

Advanced - allows changing type of backup: Full or Incremental. Plus other advanced settings such as Timestamps and File-Specific Settings. For details, see Adjusting Backup Settings (Expert Mode).

Operation - allows changing Compression and Encryption settings. For details, see Compression and Encryption (Expert Mode).

Scheduling - allows changing the Task schedule. For details, see Scheduling (Expert Mode).

Actions - allows to schedule some actions to be performed before or after execution of the Task.
By clicking the Browse buttons you can select a program to be run before or after execution of the Task.

  • Run a program before/after running a task: by marking one of these checkboxes you define if the program you chose will be run before or/and after the execution of the Task. You can run, for instance, an antiviral program that will ensure the files to be included or already included in the Backup Set are virus free.
  • Wait for the program before proceeding: if checked, this option ensures that the task is executed only after the program is shut down.
  • Wait for the program before finishing: if checked, this option starts the selected program only after the Task is executed.
  • Send e-mail notification: if checked, Handy Backup sends you an e-mail notification either when the Task is finished or when it is finished with an error. To define when you want to receive the notification mark one of the following checkboxes: When the operation finishes or When the operation finishes with error.

Managing Paid Account

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