Backup of Files

Expert Mode Backup

5. Compression and Encryption

Expert Mode allows more specific adjustment of the Compression and Encryption options than Standard Mode does.


The following compression options are available:

  • No compression - files will not be compressed during backup
  • ZIP compression (single file) - all backed up files will be compressed to a single ZIP file
  • ZIP compression (multiple files) - each backed up file will be compressed to a separate ZIP file

ZIP archive name
Fill in this field with the name of the ZIP file to be created.

Compression quality
Move the arrow to adjust the quality of compression. The higher is quality, the less space the archive occupies on a storage device, but the more time it takes to compress.


You can encrypt your backed up files to prevent unauthorized access. If you choose to encrypt the data, the following fields are to be filled:

  • Password: enter your encryption password here
  • Confirm password: replicate your encryption password

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