Advantages of Remote Backup

Every computer user is faced with the danger of losing important data. The hardware failure or a simple theft of your laptop (yes, it happens) may cause more problems than one can imagine. This can become a nightmare, an every day obsession of yours, comparable only to the loss of your insurance or id.

But there is a way out. Remote backup is probably the most up-to-date solution for guaranteed security of you files. By backing up your data online with the help of Novosoft Remote Backup Service, you assign the task of your data protection to a team of professionals who take care of your data security while you are having a good time.

With Novosoft Remote Backup Service you will be able to backup not only your business related files, but all types of your personal info as well. Pictures and home videos, ICQ and other instant messengers' files, your own computer settings and preferences - these data are invaluable for any user, whether it's a businessman or a housewife.

Why Choose Remote Backup Over Other Backup Methods

Many computer users have found online backup to be the most secure method of data protection. And we strongly agree. Of course, you could choose to secure your data with the help of conventional methods such as write your data to a CD or DVD or save them on another hard drive or an FTP server. However, all of these methods have serious drawbacks as compared to online backup. The CD/DVD can be lost or corrupted, the hard drive can crash, and the FTP server may be inaccessible. This will never be the case if you secure you data with the help of Novosoft Remote Backup Service.

The information below is intended to guide you through the whole process of online backuping with the help of Novosoft Remote Backup Service, starting with getting an account and ending with the recovery of your files in the sad event of their loss.

Getting an Account

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