Restoring of Files

Restoring data in Handy Backup is performed through creating the respective task with the New Task Wizard. To create a new task, click the File menu, and then click New Task, or click the New Task button on the program toolbar. Select Restore Task.

What Files to Restore

Specify Index File

In the second step of the New Task Wizard you need to specify the index file of your backup. To restore data from your Novosoft Remote Backup Service account, select Handy Backup Online.

Enter your login information in the User and Password fields. If needed, click Proxy to specify proxy settings. When finished, click Update. Handy Backup will connect to the remote server and download the list of tasks available for restoration. Select the task you want to restore in the menu, and then click Next.

Select Restore Location

In the third step of the New Task Wizard you need to select destinations for the files to be restored.

By default, the files will be restored to their original location. If you want to choose a different destination for some file, double-click it, or select it in the list and click Edit. When the Select Restore Location dialog opens, type in or browse for a new location, and then click OK.

When finished defining the restore locations, click Next.

Advanced Restore Settings

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