How to Create Full Windows System Backup

System backup program isn't the thing many of us excited until it's too late, when critical files, financial information, movies or images are demolished with small or no opportunity of recovery. Don't get the chance of losing the data and memories that are important the most to you, protect your PC data now with Handy Backup.

Handy Backup Professional features:

  • Entire PC Safety. Handy Backup solution is a strong disaster recovery solution that brings total safety for your hard disk. Store your total computer including Windows Operating System, files, programs, photos, videos, audio, financial documents, and settings - All Automatically!
  • Real-Time HDD System Backup. Using various hard disk drive imaging methods, Handy Backup can back up any file system you apply. For Windows partitions you may create total system backup with no requirement to restart operating system or stop any application.
  • Hard Drive Cloning. You can simply clone your previous HD to apply a second disk, eliminating slow and time consuming Windows OS and application installation and adjustments. Basic hard disk partitioning features containing in Handy Backup program provide you to add a new HDD and make ready it for operation.
  • Data Restore. Handy Backup creates rapid and easy data recovery in short time. Should your HDD crash or a system error occur, you may restore your whole PC quickly and simply. In event of an unbootable operating system, Handy Backup software includes a reliable recovery USB drive. You can also set up special bootable recovery media containing image backup.
  • Differential and Incremental Backup. Handy Backup Professional allows performing image backup only with changes performed since first operating system backup, thus making less the size of the next system backup. Differential backup along with a embedded scheduler delivers to you a full automatic disk backup solution.

Best of all, not like general backup program, you will never have create an installation of software or Windows OS once more. Make an identical copy of your PC and restore it from any major crash in minutes, or just back up necessary data and restore them even faster!

Novosoft innovative backup solution provides everything you wish to rest quietly at night, remembering all of your files is secure and can be easily restored at any moment.

Performing System Backup

Handy Backup by Novosoft delivers a quick and easy way to create a system backup of the total HD, or any chosen partition, and supports all kind of remote and network disks (including USB and FireWire drives). Because hard disk based way to backups delivers the most effective file protection against system fails, device failures, and different mistakes, it is strongly suggested for both home and enterprise environments.

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