Central Network Workstation Disk Image Software

Disk Image software isn't something many of us excited until it's too late, when critical documents, business data, music or photos are demolished with little or no chance of recovery. Don't get the possibility of losing the data and memories that mean the most to you, save your data now with Handy Backup software.

Handy Backup solution features:

  • Complete Computer Protection. Handy Backup program is a reliable disaster recovery utility that brings entire protection for your PC. Store your complete PC containing Windows Operating System, data, programs, images, videos, music, financial documents, and important memories - All Automatically!
  • Real-Time Disk Image Software. Providing various hard disk imaging modes, Handy Backup software might back up any file system you use. For Windows OS partitions you can do full disk image backup with no need to shut down Windows or close running application.
  • Hard Disk Cloning. You may handy copy your old hard drive to use a second one, eliminating slow and time eating OS and software installation and settings. Main hard disk drive partitioning options included in Handy Backup Professional allow you to add a new HDD and prepare it for cloning.
  • File Restore and Recovery. Handy Backup software creates quick and simply data restore in short time. Should your hard drive crash or an operating system error happen, you may restore your whole machine fast and simply. In case of an unbootable system, Handy Backup includes a powerful restore USB drive. You can also set up custom bootable recovery media including disk image software.
  • Differential and Incremental Backup. Handy Backup allows performing disk image only with differences done since initial operating system backup, therefore reducing the size of the new disk image. Differential backup along with a embedded planner delivers to you a completely automatic hard disk backup solution.

The curious thing, unlike general backup solution, you will never have do a re-installation of software or Windows OS once more. Create an exact copy of your hard drive and restore it from any painful failure quickly, or just store necessary documents and recover them even quicker!

Novosoft cutting-edge backup solution offers all you wish to relax well at night, remembering all of your data is secure and can be handy recovered at any time.

Setup Disk Image Software

Handy Backup by Novosoft provides a quick and easy approach to perform a disk image backup of the entire HD, or each chosen partition, and compatible with all kind of remote and external HHDs (such as USB and FireWire drives). Because hard drive based method to backups has the most reliable file security against operating system crashes, device damages, and miscellaneous mistakes, it is strongly advised for both home and enterprise users.

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