Online Backup for T-Mobile G1

April 24, 2009

Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC is glad to provide users with support for individual data backup on T-Mobile G1 mobile phone known as Google phone and became the pioneer G1 internet backup service. Remote backup service through a deep expertise in IT operations is looking for new ways to implement breakthrough backup technologies.

Now owners of mobile phones with OS Android can enjoy the benefits of wireless G1 backup. Backup software by Novosoft LLC requires quick setup synchronization with your Google phone. Then all you need is to bring your mobile phone within the Wi-Fi connection range with desktop computer with free backup software installed.

Customers can easily backup their contacts and all other necessary data from T-Mobile G1. Information will be transferred with high-security connection to the web vault. Android backup can be encrypted with 128-bit algorithm and lately can be restored at any moment just in a few seconds. User can also access this information through the browser from any place in the world.

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