User Informational Support

Novosoft Remote Backup Service provides a user with timely informational support.


An e-mail notification will be sent to your mail box each time there is a change in the task status. For example, if the task is completed successfully, you receive a message that lets you know about it. Similarly, if the task ends with an error, you are informed about the error and prompted to take action. This way you are kept informed about all changes in the tasks and you don't have to check the task every time you need to know its status.

Log file

All processes and actions that happen with the tasks are recorded in a log file. You can always view the log to see all performed actions, executed tasks, task statuses and other information relating to the tasks. Keeping a log is very useful because it allows you to track down errors in the tasks and see what caused them. If an error occurs, it is recommended that you inform our support team about the error and send us the log file or a screenshot of the log that describes the error.

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