Remote Backup Service Overview

Novosoft Remote Backup Service provides online data backup, synchronization and restoration. By using our online backup service you get a secure storage space, information protection, and anytime and anywhere access to your data. Here is what Novosoft Remote Backup Service works like. A built-in Wizard of the remote backup service helps you create backup, synchronization and restore tasks. Once you've set up a task for online backup service and assigned it for execution, your part of the job is done!

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The benefits you get from using Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC:

Backup benefits:

  • All online backups are done automatically. You can set up Daily, Weekly or Monthly scheduled jobs
  • File Filtering and File selection filters to select only most important files
  • Automatic file distribution from different locations - a distributed online data backup from multiple machines
  • Online data backup runs invisibly in the background not disturbing other programs' performance
  • Custom Firewall Rules so you can still backup even if you are behind a Firewall
  • Zip Compression to save your storage space on the online backup Server
  • Old files are purged with the new ones automatically

Restore benefits:

Files or entire folders can be fully or selectively restored.

Synchronization benefits:

The possibility to synchronize folders between multiple locations or create automated file transfer jobs. Synchronization of files and folders means that files and folders included into your backup copy are absolutely identical to their sources.

Handy Backup software is used to perform all the above mentioned functions of the online data backup.

Data Management benefits:

  • FTP or HTTP Direct Access to Account Files.
  • You can manage backed up files via web browser (remote access and administration of the basic functions).
  • Backup Statistics shows the size of your backup tasks and dates of their creation. It allows you to control free storage space on the online backup server.
  • Backup jobs run as a Windows Service so you don't need to be logged in to run scheduled backups.
  • All notifications of the executed tasks are emailed to you immediately. So, you will know about any changes/problems in the tasks as soon as they happen.
  • All backup activities are recorded in a log file available in an RTF format.

Security benefits:

  • Our remote Data storage Center, located in a secured underground shelter, provides you with the quick access to your files uptime and protects your data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Your data is encrypted into a secret code, thus even higher data protection is achieved. 128-bit algorithm is used to protect your information. Your account is locked by the password and login and you are the only one who knows them.
  • Account identification protects your data from unauthorized access. Without your confidential password, no one will ever access your account.

More information about Secure Online Backup.

Service benefits:

  • Our online backup service offers a flexible storage capacity for your data. It starts with 500 MB and can be further expanded up to 100 GB and more.
  • Thus, you get a handy analog of backup to external hard drives, DVDs, and other media, getting freed from the necessity to take care about the safety of carriers.
  • Simple wizard-based remote backup software - Handy Backup is included in the plan. It will take you through all steps of the online backup service and help you adjust all settings.
  • There are no bandwidth limitations for online data backup.
  • Unlimited uploads and downloads are possible.
  • Minimum frequency of backups - 1 min.
  • You are provided with free online support or you can get support on the phone to discuss the issues of online data backup.
  • When purchasing Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC you get free updatable software - Handy Backup.

Our online backup service perfectly backs up, synchronizes and restores your home and business data, while providing absolute security of storage.