Remote Backup Service. How It Works.

  1. Register trial account at Novosoft Remote Backup Service.
  2. Download and install our remote backup software Handy Backup on your computer.
  3. Create a new backup task with the help of Step-by-step Wizard built in Handy Backup.
  4. Set up online backup service settings and authorize.

Setup Backup destination

  1. Set up the remote backup of your data Once, Daily, Weekly or Monthly by enabling the scheduler.
  2. Set up your Backup Schedule
  3. Backup task will be set up according to the fixed schedule. You may be e-mailed about the task completion.

After the performance of backup task, you have an anytime and anywhere access to your stored data on our remote server.

You can see the size of each of your task, the data of its creation and the time of the last backup on your account on Novosoft Remote Server, where also, you can manage your data and control the account state.

User statistics

Remote backup statistics