Remote Backup Software

Powerful and useful online backup software - Handy Backup is designed for an automatic backup of your critical data. This remote backup software combines first-class features and performance with the consumer level ease-of-use.

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Handy Backup provides you with:

  • Comprehensive functionality for backing up, synchronizing and recovering information.
  • Full backup and incremental backup of data.
Choose full or incremental backup in remote backup software
  • Built-in useful and graphic Step-by-Step Wizard to simplify the backup process.
  • "Backup to FTP" function, which allows copying to online remote servers.
  • Exclusive backup of particular files.
  • Synchronizing. The newer file versions replace the older ones, and those missing on one computer can be added.
  • The two backup modes: Standard and Expert. They differ in the amount of setting that users can adjust.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, our remote backup software provides you with the following benefits:

  • Easy automatic search and backup of ICQ, Windows Registry, Favorites, Desktop, My documents, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express files.
  • Backup of websites.
  • Backup data with timestamps and versions.
  • Displaying details of the files contained (storage size, storage time and so on) in the backup set.
  • Drag and drop interface.
  • An ability to create a new folder at a remote FTP server.
  • Options to set another program to run before/after running your backup Tasks.
  • Working with many types of local storage media, providing backup to external hard drives, CD, DVD, USB devices, and more.

Handy Backup is the perfect backup solution for home and business use. With Handy Backup your can perform online backup absolutely secure for your data!

All Handy Backup users are provided with free Technical Support and free Update versions.

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