Secure Online Backup

If you are looking for secure online backup, you have just found it. Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC ensures secure online backup, synchronization and restoration. The most progressive and up-to-date secure remote backup solutions are included into our online backup service to store and transfer your data safely.

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Our secure remote backup service provides you with various types of protection at all stages of backup, transfer and storage process:

  • 128-bit blowfish encryption algorithm, an advanced encryption method used for secure online backup, protects your data from unauthorized access. Your data is encrypted for safer transfer and storage. This is the highest level of protection available today to do secure online backups over Internet.
  • Our secure Data Center, located in a professionally secured underground shelter in San Diego, California, ensures high performance, efficiency and reliability of all monitored systems. Our server area is protected against flood, fire and burglary. It also has a fully redundant air conditioning system and early-detection fire suppression system. It makes use of the state-of the-art technology to restrict access to our data center and monitor the environment 24x7x365. All entrances and common areas are monitored via closed-circuit video surveillance. Access is strictly protected with biometric identification. Our data center resides on San Diego's military power grid, ensuring uninterruptible operation even if the city's power goes down. Precision monitoring system allows the staff to take immediate action and provide critical real-time information to customers. All of these features guaranty secure online backup.
  • The method of user identification is another way to provide secure remote backup. The files stored in your private account are only accessible with your username and password. Without your confidential password, there is no way to access your account.