Android Remote Backup: Fixing Lost Data

Android Remote Backup

Android Remote Backup: Fixing Lost Data

Android remote backup is one of the most beneficial android applications available for android devices.  As its name implies, it provides remote access to android device data on android phones. It offers secure wireless transfer of photos, videos, contacts, call logs, and bookmarks between android devices without using any internet connection or mobile data plan. It also offers a complete backup solution for android devices by transferring the android phones’ entire contents easily using Wi-Fi technology as well as Bluetooth connectivity.  Likewise, it allows us to track android phones as well as recover lost/stolen Android devices with its location finder feature. So the answer to your question “Can I remotely backup my android phone?” is definitely yes!

Why Can’t People Backup Their Android Phones Remotely?

The android has got the feature of backup, but it is done on the android device itself. It means that it has got no room for data transfer to another android phone or any other android device.

If you have lost your android then there are chances that you can recover some lost data using third-party applications provided they are also using the android platform.

While carrying out a survey with users regarding this issue, I came across many people who had already faced this problem or are still facing it. This made me think, how could I assist them in solving their issues. One option was given by Google through its Android Backup program which provides an automated backup of contacts, SMS messages, and mobile configurations of the mobile android devices on Google servers.

The android backup android application is integrated with the android market. It has an android client that can be installed on android devices through Android Market, which allows users’ android mobile to take automated backups at pre-set times.

Android devices are lost or stolen every day, often with very personal or sensitive data on them. This could lead to potential identity theft, fraud, and possibly loss of business information depending on your job role. With Android being the most popular smartphone platform currently in use around the world, there have been many users who have had their devices lost or stolen over the past couple of years.

How To Remotely Backup Android Phone?

You may have Googled automatically save backup copies of your data to its servers. This information is encrypted and can be restored to a new android phone or even your old android device if it’s ever found again. With android remote backup, you can also delete all data from your android remotely if you lose your mobile, which means that the thief will not be able to access any of your personal data on the android device.

How Do I Backup Android Data Without SMS Losing All The Android Apps?

Make a complete android backup of your android phone or tablet by using either android back up app mentioned above. This will ensure that you save contacts, calendar information, call log and text messages; make backups of your android apps; extract android application package (apk) files from internal memory; and create an image of the entire android device.

Important: Do not attempt to restore android system data such as contacts and calendars etc because it may result in loss of other android data on the device. However, you can restore individual applications that were backed up. You can also extract apks before doing a full backup in case you need to reinstall some apps later on.