Secure Your Data: Steps To Stay Safe From Hackers

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Secure Your Data: Steps To Stay Safe From Hackers

Cyber security is a way of protecting your data, and cyber security starts with you. This means that cyber security isn’t just about taking steps for others to protect themselves, it’s also about preparing yourself in case something does happen. Usually, the worse cybercrime is committed when someone loses their information willingly or by accident due to cyber illiteracy or lack of cyber security training. Keeping yourself safe from cybercriminals is much simpler than one might think.

Why Should I Be Cyber Literate?

There are cybercriminals all over the world, always looking for their next victim. Even if you don’t believe you’re at risk of becoming a cybercrime victim, it never hurts to be cyber literate and cyber security conscious. There are cybercriminals that may target your children or grandchildren at some point. If they know how to avoid these cybercriminals before they become victims, they will appreciate it later on in life!

What Can I Do?

  • Try learning more about cyber security every year; no one is safe from cybercriminals, but there are new advancements in technology happening every day that make it easier for cybercriminals to infiltrate your system, so staying up to date on what’s out there isn’t hurting.
  • It’s important to maintain a realistic approach. Don’t cyber-stalk or cyberbully anyone, and don’t let cybercriminals use your pictures and personal information against you in cyberspace.
  • Always secure your data when you’re not using it (i.e., lock your phone when not using it, don’t leave significant documents lying around).
  • Think before clicking! ┬áIf an email looks suspicious, don’t click on any attachments; instead, find out who sent it and delete it. If you receive an email requesting money, social security numbers, etc., be careful, they could lead to cyberstalking or cyberbullying.
  • Never reply to texts or emails asking for personal information! – Update your passwords every month. – Don’t give out your password. Share social media accounts with friends when they prove themselves worthy by keeping all their content clean (i.e., no cyberbullying). – Report anything inappropriate you find on social media. Cyberbullying and cyberstalking are against the law and can lead to serious consequences (i.e., jail time).

What Are The Major Types Of Cybersecurity?

Cloud Security is the best approach to keep your data safe. With cloud-based data storage, users can store sensitive information securely while avoiding the problems entailed with managing servers and backup systems at home or onsite. People are turning to cloud-based data storage for its enhanced privacy. With cybersecurity measures like encryption and virtual private networks (VPNs), cloud-based storage is safer than ever.

Why Do Cybercriminals Hack?

Hackers break into systems to take or use valuable information, such as passwords and financial data. They may sell the information on underground forums online, post it publicly to embarrass you or use it to steal your identity. Cybercriminals can also launch cyberattacks that can shut down critical national infrastructure or cause physical damage.