Web-Based Backup: Protecting Your Email

Web Based Backup

Web-Based Backup: Protecting Your Email

What Is A Backup Email?

A web based backup email is an email that you can access on any web browser, anywhere in the world, without having to install any software. It’s web based because you use your web browser to access it instead of Outlook or some other desktop app.

Most web-based backup emails are free services provided by webmail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc. They offer storage space so that users can store their messages online and have easy access to them from wherever they are.

Why Do I Need A Web-based Backup?

You might not realize this, but you already have a web-based mailbox whether you know about it! Every time you register yourself with one of above-mentioned webmail services, you get a web-based email where you can check your mails as well as send new ones. And guess what? They all provide free web-based backup.

If you’re asking “What does web-based backup for webmail have to do with web-based backup for my computer?”, the answer is: everything! Every webmail service mentioned above (and many more) offer web-based backups on their servers and it’s really easy to use them – you just need to know where they are and how to access them.

What Are The General Features Of Online Backup Services?

What happens if the hosting provider disables its services and shuts down operations? You’ll lose access to your virtual server or email account and will not be able to recover anything from it anymore.

Rather than entrusting your web-based data to a random web host, choose an offsite service that has multiple servers in different locations that can restore your data onto another one of their machines. Most cloud backup providers offer such services.

Have you ever lost access to a web-based email account because you forgot the password? It is very likely; we all do it at least once (usually at 3:00 am when we get agitated and need our emails right away). Now imagine this happening if you had valuable web-based email accounts which you used for business purposes.

After your web-based data gets lost, there is no way you can restore it other than calling up the web-hosting company and pleading them to reset the password (which they might or might not do, depending on their policy). This could be very problematic if we were dealing with web mail accounts that we cannot access without a password.

Web based backup will protect you from such mishaps by backing up all of your web-based data automatically to a remote web server and rest assured that even though you forget your passwords, lose access to web based email, or accidentally delete files – your information will still be safe with an offsite web backup service.

How Do I Backup My Emails To The Cloud?

The web-based backup process is simple and similar to the way we normally:

1. Log on to your web based email system and navigate through it as usual.

2. Go to a web based backup service of your choice and sign up for an account if you haven’t done so already.

3. After signing up, enable web-based backups from within your web based email’s account settings page (usually by clicking some options) or install any related plugins that might be available right away after you register with them.

4. Choose what types of files and folders you want to back up along with which ones should be excluded from web-based backups (just in case you want to keep certain information private).